"Accra is,  if not a historical city, then certainly a city whose modern schizophrenia reflects its distant past."  Bradt Guide to Ghana

"I love to land in Africa, in Accra." Tony Kalhagen- World Love Foundation. 

Super real, super safe, walkable and fun.  A must do area is Jamestown and especially down to the fishing village.Colorful Piroques line the beach, market women bargain the catch of the day and if you just flew in you immediately know this is Africa.

A day in Accra, our Ghana tour just arrived and suddenly we are in Jamestown in front of the colonial-era lighthouse and Fort James touring the fishing village.

The Adabraka area is a good choice for eating, we had lunch at he White Bell three days in a row, by choice. It is a great restaurant in the center of town. Located on the second floor overlooking a busy street with a constant breeze and very good local food.  Our lunch was FuFu ( Casava and Plantain porridge) in a ground nut soup (awesome) with goat meat.  Grilled chicken, Salad, Jollof rice, and Palava sauce (spinach similar to saag).  Lunch in Africa is two hours.  Everything is cut, chopped, cooked and served fresh usually over an open fire outside.  Come with us this December on our 2012 Ghana tour.
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