The Area
This is a great region to hop on and off Tro Tro's at a whim.  There are small towns to explore and many eco tourism projects such as Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary and Tafi Abuipe Kente cloth weaving village.  The hills above offer exploration into beautiful rain forests dotted with waterfalls, hiking trails and birds.

The Mountain Paradise Lodge sits above the Kulugu river and faces Mount Gemi.  There are hiking trails down to the river.

Terri-Lynn in front of a Baobab tree in Biakpa

Red Horn Bill in the Avatime Hills

Where to Stay
We stayed at the Mountain Paradise Lodge.  A Tro Tro will drop you at Fume on the main Ho-HoHoe road. From there it is about a one hour walk, the last part being steep.

 The road from Fume toward the lodge


On the road towards Vame is the small village of Biakpa.  It is a short and beautiful walk from the lodge.  We stopped at a 'Spot' and had a very strong neon green liquor in a dirty glass. It was awesome.

Children in Biakpa
We visit Tafi Abuipe Kente Cloth Weaving village on our Ghana tour this December 2012.  It is possible to Add-on an extended time on your tour to explore the Avatime Hills and the Volta region. Send an email or call 541-247-0625 for information.

Cocoa is a major export for Ghana and we came across a tree on our hike
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