Bolgatanga is the capitol of the Upper East Region of Ghana and is where our clean water projects are located.  The area is the driest and poorest in the country with less then half of the population having access to clean water.  Our communities that we work with are between 10-30km outside of town.  The few travelers that come through the area are usually overlanders on their way to or from Mali or Senegal via Burkina Faso.

The Sand Gardens Hotel and restaurant.  Our BBQ guy is here and the courtyard is a great choice to have a cold beverage under the African stars.  The hotel is O.K., we have stayed here twice.  Nearby is Comme Ci Comme Ca another hotel in Bolgatanga with an outside restaurant.

Just opened in 2011 is the Business class Extee Crystal Hotel.  This is probably the top choice now in the area and is where we stay on our Ghana tour.


Our favorite spot is the Sand Gardens hotel because of the outside courtyard and the quality of food complete with a BBQ and a sound system that is not too loud.  Outside of the hotels the options can be limited.  For breakfast we really enjoy walking through town and finding a roadside vendor making egg sandwiches and sweet coffee, affordable, atmospheric and good.  The restaurant Swab Fast Food in the center of town is also really good with excellent Indian food.

A local 'coffee shop' in Bolgatanga.  A sweet coffee and egg sandwich will only set you back about $2 USD.


The town is a good place to explore nearby attractions such as Paga crocodile ponds, Tengzug / Tongo hills, the village home stays of Sirigu with elaborately painted walls, the area of Bongo and the Gambaga Escarpment.
  During the day you can explore the local market and have a dress made while you wait.

Terri-Lynn Kalhagen has a dress made in the Bolgatanga market in 2006.

Terri-Lynn with the dress makers in the Bolgatanga market

We had our first banner made in Bolgatanga and Rashed leads us through the livestock section of the Bolgatanga market to pick out a sheep and goat for the commissioning of the clean water well at Gungabisi in 2008.

Local kitchen in the Bolgatanga market
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