Our second clean water well project and our first Borehole.

In December of 2010 we received an email from Lou Giottnini from our local Rotary group that we had been awarded a $2,000 grant for our next project.  We then organized a fundraiser in Portland, Oregon to take place on New Years day at the Portland Jazzercise studio at 9am.
It was a great way to kick start the year and raised an additional $2,700.

Jan. 1, 2010 Jazzercise students sweat for clean water

We had the funds to start the well project for the village.  We received the contract from Araco and also were informed that instead of a hand dug well as in Gungabisi we should build a borehole.  This would also cost twice as much.  We convinced Araco to build the borehole for the same price.  They continued to do this for us for the next two borehole projects.

Winnie and Cliff say their wedding Vows on the new borehole for Asaloko Nov. 11, 2011

We returned to Asaloko on our Ghana tour in 2011 for the commissioning ceremony.  Two of our participants chose to use their wedding funds to come on the tour and they wanted to say their vows on the borehole.

The above video shows our first time meeting the community of Asaloko in the Bongo district located about 45 minutes outside of Bolgatanga in 2008.  The landscape of the region is dotted with large smooth boulders and beautiful Baobab trees.  The village homes too have a different look, conical thatched roofs similar to those seen in the Dogon region in Mali.  After the town of Bongo the road deteriorates rapidly and soon we set off on a bush trail following a young man on a bike.
The area is the most remote we have visited so far and is hole to roughly 1,500 people.  The water source is a river bed that was dry on our visit, villagers dig until they reach the water source.

In November of 2011 we traveled back to Ghana with our tour group.  We planned the commissioning of the well to be on 11/11/11. 

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