Cape Coast
The first capital of Britain's Gold Coast Colony and a fascinating town to explore with architectural styles spanning three centuries.  Our Ghana Tour stops here to take in the local atmosphere and tour the slave fort.

Fishing is a way of life for the residents of the Cape Coast.

Our Ghana Tour visit's the Cape Coast Castle and slave fort

We shot this video in 2006.  Our annual Ghana Tour visits the Cape Coast and the Cape Coast Castle Slave Fort.  Join us on our Ghana tour this December 2012 that will provide clean water to a small rural village in the upper east region.

A fisherman takes a break during the afternoon heat

Where to Stay and Eat

We really like the Mighty Victory Hotel that is located in the heart of town walking distance to the beach and the Cape Coast Castle. They have an OK restaurant and we have also enjoyed the beach side restaurants of the Oasis beach resort and the Castle restaurant.  Tout's are pretty heavy around both of these areas so be prepared for a bit of hassle with souvenir hawkers. The Castle restaurant is actually the better bet as they have excellent food and they keep the touts out where as the Oasis Beach Resort you will likely have a number of uninvited guests trying to join you at your table while you try and eat.

Dining at the Castle Restaurant.  The restaurant has the usual selection of continental and Ghanaian cuisine as well as some tasty lobster dishes.

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