Cedi's Bead Factory
The beads begin as recycled bottles

The Bottles are pounded to a fine powder 

Molds are filled with different colored glass

Molds ready for the oven

Molds are placed into the oven

Cedi's Bead factory is located on the Somanya road about two hours from Accra.  Go west from Kpong about 30 minutes and try to plan your visit on Wednesday or Saturday to visit the Agomanya market.  Our Ghana tour in December of 2012 will visit both the market and Cedi's bead factory. 

A video from our first visit to Cedi's bead factory in 2008

Each year our Ghana tour visits Cedi's Bead Factory.  Come with us this December 2012 for a Once-in-a-lifetime travel experience.

Ovens are made from termite soil which is able to withstand the high temperature

Another style of bead making

Holes are made while the glass is still hot

Finally the beads are polished by hand in sand and water

Ghana Beads
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