Getting Started

In an effort to make these events as easy to host as possible, we've create a model to help you and your volunteer team produce a top-notch, memorable event for both you and your guests. 

Event Type      _________________________________________________________

Should be tailored to reflect your talents, interests, and strengths and reflect the culture of the community you live in. 


Date/Time of event: ______________________________________________________

Be creative when picking a day and time.


Sundays are great on 3-day weekends, as people are usually looking for something fun to do.


Any time of the day can work, depending on your guests.  A noon lunch, crafting party, or high tea would be ideal for moms with children in school, while a right after work cocktail party or wine tasting might appeal to empty nesters.


Guests: _________________________________________________________

Define your audience and tailor your event to their interests, likes and dislikes, and beliefs.


Create guest list: _________________________________________________________

Include name, address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.

Location of Event: ___________________________________________

Any venue can be suitable depending on the event; your home, a friend’s house, hotel, church, park, private club, restaurant that has a private dining room, corporate board, or meeting room can all work for different types of events.

All locations should have adequate lighting, electrical outlets for projectors and credit card machines, and a good view of the front of the room, easy access, and convenient parking.

Event Schedule

 This is a well-tested schedule guideline that has been helpful for many of our event hosts.   Naturally, you may want to adjust slightly according to the type of event you’re having and number of guests you’re expecting.

1 month in advance:

Send a save the date letter, post card, or e-mail.

Arrange for guest speakers

Send out a Press Release (ask Paul Jones and Sharon Henry-Jones for help)

If it’s a public event, send an announcement to your local newspaper, asking for a listing in the events calendar.


2 weeks in advance:

Send out invitations.

Create donor cards or envelopes with donation amount, credit card information, including sign up opportunities for future events.

Plan menu/beverages.

Plan the order/timing of your program.

Talk with presenters to review what audio/visual equipment is needed.

Find out about podiums, electricity requirements, and table set up for registration.

Get written introductions from your speakers.


1 week in advance:

Make or buy name badges.

Shop for refreshments.

Make decorations and order flowers.

Stock up on camera equipment, batteries, and film

Finalize music and equipment


1-2 Days Prior - Rehearsal


Depending on the complexity of your event, consider a rehearsal. Walking                       through your program, particularly if it’s in an unfamiliar venue will help to identify and smooth out any little kinks. Of course you don’t have to be perfect, but hiccups in the program can be distracting.


Help and inspiration:

Photos of our tours and water projects at


Help and support available:

Terri-Lynn Kalhagen at the above website or by phone at 541-247-0625

Post Event

Send thank you notes to your sponsors and speakers.

Report donations to Terri-Lynn so she can send you tax receipts to mail to attendees. With the receipt, enclose a letter thanking attendees for their participation, listing the total funds raised and a reminder of the incredible difference they have made in peoples’ lives.  Close with Terri-Lynn or Sharon’s contact information, in case they would like to host a fundraiser of their own.


Remember, above all, to enjoy yourself, while knowing you are making real change in the world. Thank you for your hard work and support of our clean water projects!


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