Many communities on lake Volta are not accessible by road and use canoes to reach a port where onward transport can be found
It is possible to travel on board a cargo and supply boat which covers more then half the distance of the country.  This boat stops at an unknown number of villages, most of which rely on the boat for transport out and supplies coming in. For the independent and adventure traveler who is interested in seeing the people of Ghana this is a great option.

This is the port at Akosombo, the boat leaves traveling north on Monday afternoon.

Arrive a few hours early at the port of Akosombo,  hang out and be in Africa.

One of the first villages as you travel north is Keti Krachi on Lake Volta and we were able to get off and explore the town.

This is our video of crossing Lake Volta on the Yapei Queen Yam Boat.  Highly recommended.

As soon as you get on the boat go up top and find a spot, there was a full moon when we went, and it was Halloween.  There is food on board but you may want to take something to supplement.

There are only two cabins, and they need to be reserved weeks in advance so most sleeping options are on deck and we recommend having a therma rest type sleeping mat.

The trip takes about 31 hours and arrives in a town called Yeji where you will find very basic accommodations.

The next morning you will board a local boat for a 1 hour trip across Lake Volta, there will be Tro Tro's waiting, the trip to Tamale is about 2-3 hours.  If continuing to Mole national park get your tickets for the next day when you get into town.  There is only one, old Bus once a day to the park.

This video is from 2008 and not the Yapei Queen trip but rather a journey from Kpandu to the Afram plains and Donkorkrom.  From there you cross again lake Volta on a ferry and head towards Mpraeso and Nkawnkaw.

The trip across Lake Volta on the Yapei Queen is not on our tour.  We highly recommend it if you are an independent traveler going north towards Mole National Park or Bolgatanga.
If you wish to extend your trip with us in November and trek the Avatime hills and journey deeper into the Volta region contact us

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