Elmina is in fact two towns separated by the Benya Lagoon.  The town is roughly 700 years old and started as a fishing and salt producing village.  Today it is a worthwhile stop on the coast and can be visited as a day trip out of Cape Coast.  There are a number of small hotels located in town as well.  We visit Elmina on the last day of our tour before the journey back to Accra.

The Castle of St. George was originally built by the Portuguese who controlled the town from about 1471-1637.

In 1637 the Dutch attacked the castle from the St Jago hill and later built Fort St. Jago (pictured above) They remained in control until 1872 when Holland sold all of it's Gold coast forts to Britain.

It is possible to go out onto the ocean with a local fisherman and a member from our 2011 tour did this trip.

The architecture is similar to it's larger neighbor Cape coast with Victorian era buildings.

The harbor and town is extremely photogenic
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