Every Drop Counts

What is a Just a Drop Event?

 One individual can change the lives of an entire village.

The people behind each of these gatherings will prove the power of just one person, one voice, and the life-changing ability in all of us.  Every event is unique to the vision of its host, and all are designed to educate and hopefully inspire its guests to find their voice, their unique way of supporting the effort. Whether it's to make a financial donation, in-kind contribution, offer to volunteer, or commit to hosting an event, the power of the Just a Drop concept works.

Your Just a Drop event can be tailored to your personality, community, resources, and personal vision. Anything goes, as the purpose is to raise money and awareness in many diverse communities across our country.  Events could be neighborhood dinners, garage sales, car washes, bake sales, tea or cocktail parties, wine and cheese tastings, poker nights, private organization or association meetings, scrapbooking classes, art shows, bingo nights, or use your imagination.  Any event that brings people together, helping to raise awareness and funds is a success. With the ready help of The World Love Foundation volunteers, your charitable event is sure to be both fun and meaningful, helping The World Love Foundation give the gift of clean water, changing lives one drop at a time.  Imagine how you’ll feel, knowing your effort has significantly improved the lives of  villagers living half a world away.

Getting Started

In an effort to make these events as easy to host as possible, we've create a model to help you and your volunteer team produce a top-notch, memorable event for both you and your guests. 

What does it take to put on an event?

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