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We were all set to return to Ghana, two years later to meet Gungabisi again and see the new clean water well.  It is amazing what happens when people learn that you are involved in this type of a project.  The week before a friend called and asked us if we could find a group of young women to write an essay about how they would use $100 USD towards creating a program that would benefit her community.  We told Rashed and he enlisted his friend Michael who operates the Cener for youth welfare and development in Bolgatanga - Upper east region Ghana - West Africa. 

Michael seated on the left 

He found four girls and we had an awards presentation at our hotel.  We read their essays and chose Bridgette Kongo.  Her plan was to purchase three goats and start a breeding program.  She would give the births to the widows in her village who would continue to breed them and sell the goats at the weekly market.  Her village is Kongo Goorouge about 15 miles west and slightly north from Bolgatanga.  

Bridget Kolog with Terri-Lynn
We received a letter from Bridgette a year later.  Her goats had all given birth and were healthy. 
Bridget with her goats 
In November of 2011 we plan to visit Bridget in her village.  We also are working to build a borehole for the community.

April, 2012 - Kongo was on the list of 4 villages in 2008 for a borehole. Our tour in 2011 visited Bridget and she had been able to give a set of goats to three different widows in her village.

Bridget with a widow in her sustainable living project.

is our sto
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Travel to Ghana in 2012

Celebrate 12-12-12 in a small rural village in west Africa



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Give a Hand
It was another one of those moments that will always stay in your mind.
 It is Halloween night in 2008.  We are just days from flying out to Ghana to see Gungabisi and our water project.  We are at a doctors and Rotarians house in Ashland, Oregon being given a two hour lesson on how to properly fit the LN-4 prosthetic hand and then train the recipient how to use it.  Tim Bewley and his wife Carol are very active in the distribution and education of this life changing device.  We took four with us and searched for people who may be able to use it.  In Bolgatanga while working on the well project we found three people.
Ayindoor Akuywa is 14 years old and was born with a birthdefect.  He was our first fitting, at night by headlight.
Alfred Anangena lives in Bolgatanga and has no hands.  We were able to fit him with one and he immediately was able to write a sentence.  He had lost both his hands at the age of 22 in a traffic accident.  Alfred is 45 years old.

This is a video of our three fittings while staying in Bolgatanga during November of 2008.  We left the fourth hand with Rashed and within two weeks he was able to find a young man who could use the LN-4 Prosthetic hand and send us this picture.

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