Tony and Rashed meet in Bolgatanga in 2006 and Rashed organizes our visit to a Bolga Basket weaving village, Gungabisi.

When our local Rotary saw our film they wanted to help raise the funds for our water project.

Now six years and 4 Boreholes (clean water wells) later we lead small groups across Ghana that fund new boreholes for small villages.  Come with us in July and November of 2012.

We met Gungabisi in 2006 on our way overland across west Africa on our way to Timbuktu, Mali

We shot this video for our adventure travel show, little did we know it would be the beginning of our project of building clean water wells.

We kept in contact with Rashed and he sent us 30 Bolga baskets to use as fundraising tools for the clean water well

Two years later we went back with the money in our pocket to build a well.

We were shocked when we arrived to see that the well was being hand dug.

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