Kongo Goorouge is the village where Bridgette Kongo lives.  She is the recipient of our 2008 Breeding program scholarship.  Her plan was to take the $100 USD and buy three goats.  She would breed them and then give the births to the widows of her community so they could continue to breed them and take the births to market for income.  We visited her on our 2011 tour and met one of the widows.  At that time she had been able to give five women three goats each. Congratulations Bridgette.

Bridgette with Terri-Lynn in 2008 receiving her award

Bridgette in 2009 with some of her goats

Bridgette in 2011 with one of the widows

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Kongo Goorouge is our fourth clean water well project,  and was fully supported by two participants on our last tour, Paul and Sharon Henry Jones.

Paul and Sharon Henry Jones in Accra.  This couple is responsible for the purchase of 200 perma nets (mosquito nets to prevent Malaria) and 20 Life straws (water filtering device) that we distributed to five different villages while on our tour.  They held garage sales and received personal donations.  The above photo is outside the office that manufactures both products.

On their return to America Sharon and Paul donated the funds to build a borehole for the village of Kongo Goorouge, the construction and finished well is shown below.

They now volunteer full time for us we we are so grateful for all of their efforts.

Araco construction drills the borehole for Kongo Goorouge

Installing the pipe

The finished borehole in the memory of Paul Henry Jones

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