Mole National Park
Mole national park is Ghana's largest wildlife sanctuary and the best for viewing animals in the wild.

How to visit
Mole National Park may be visited independently by taking a bus from Tamale.  The bus leaves in the afternoon and arrives at night, the actual time varies due to when the bus decides to leave Tamale and the extent of the breakdowns and condition of the road.  It is not unusual for the bus to be cancelled at times.  Try and buy tickets the day before.

Where to Stay
The Motel at Mole Park sits on the escarpment above the main watering hole and on all of our visits we have sat by the pool and watched the elephants below.

Wildlife Photography in Africa
It couldn't get much easier, or more accessible then Mole National Park.  Animals congregate near the Mole Motel and just walking to your room can be an African Safari.

Birding in Ghana
There are more then 344 bird species that have been recorded in the park making it the best place for birding in the country of Ghana.

African Safari
The walking Safari at Mole National Park is perhaps the most unique African Safari you will ever experience as you will be standing just a few feet from elephants, water buck, baboons and more then 90 other mammal species.  There are also Jeep Safaris.

Our Ghan tour this December 2012 will visit Mole National Park.  Come with us!

African Wildlife
A green monkey sits in a tree by the swimming pool at the Mole Motel.

Mole National Park Video
We made this video in 2006 on our way to Timbuktu, Mali.
This was the first time we had been in west Africa and the first time we had ever been on an African Safari.  It was amazing to walk with and photograph African wildlife so close. 

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