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Tony and Terri-Lynn Kalhagen with Lou Giouttonini

Portland Jazzercise Instructors

Terri-Lynn wearing Manta Yoga Clothes

Rashed with his new bike

Rotary International and Particularly The Rotary clubs in district 5110 in southern Oregon have been a part of our projects since the formation of our non-profit in July of 2007.  They provided us with a DSG grant of $2,000 for the hand dug well in Gungabisi in 2008 and another DSG grant of $2,000 for the Borehole in Asaloko in 2011.  We have spoken at numerous clubs in the state of Oregon and this year in 2012 the Forest Grove Rotary outside of Portland, Oregon has raised $4,000 for the Borehole to be dug in the village of Shiega.  Our July 2012 tour will provide the additional funding to make this Borehole a reality.

On January first 2011 the Portland Jazzercise class held a fundraiser at 9am to ring in the new year.  This special class raised $2,700 for the Borehole of Asaloko which was completed in March of 2011.  We visited the village on our November tour for the commissioning ceremony.

Inti Imports located in Ashland Oregon has always been a choice of ours for travel clothes.  The pants and shirts are lose and flowing and easy to wash while on the road.  In 2011 they donated clothing for Terri-Lynn and Tony to wear while in Africa.

Rashed travels to these small villages to monitor the progress of the wells and asses new villages for boreholes.  Portland Bike and Hike donated a new Bicycle that will help him get to and from these villages.

KLM Royal Dutch airways donated the cost of shipping the bike to Ghana, a $200 value.

Rashed relies on internet cafes to send invoices and contracts, progress reports and photos of the water projects.  Sometimes, especially in Bolgatanga the internet connection is either bad or down completely.  Multnomah Orthopedic Clinic donated a laptop that can operate by a wireless USB card that is assisting with our communications.
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