The village of Shiega is located about 1 hour drive south east of Bolgatanga towards the Tongo hills.  The area is extremely remote with very little in the way of public transportation and therefore villagers are restricted to travel during market days only unless a private car is able to be hired.

We distributed Mosquito nets and lifestraws to the village and promised we would be back to construct the new Borehole for the village in 2012

The lifestraw and Mosquito nets were a project taken on by Paul Jones and Sharon-Henry Jones from Portland Oregon.  The raised the money for the 200 mosquito nets and 20 lifestraw through a garage sale and personal donations from friends.  They are a perfect example of how every drop counts.

Expedition members distribute the lifestraw and mosquito nets.

Our Ghana tour this December 2012 will visit Shiega and celebrate the new clean water project with a commissioning ceremony.  It is an experience of a lifetime, come with us!
This clean water project is generously supported by the combined efforts of the Day Break Rotary club of Forest Grove and the noon club of Forest Grove in district 5100.

These clubs located just outside of Portland Oregon have contributed $4,000 USD towards this project.

We gathered a bucket of water from their current water source which was a fabricated exposed well in the ground.
Rashed used this water to demonstrate how to use the lifestraw system we brought to the village.  The lifestraws are a temporary way to filter the dirty water.  Our completion date for this clean water project is July of 2012.

Rashed demonstrates how to use the lifestraw system
The Progress of building a borehole in Shiega

Terri-Lynn Kalhagen talks to the noon club in Forest Grove Oregon.  The noon club partnered with the Day break club and together raised $4,000 towards the well for the village of Shiega.

On April 20th Amber Hughes of the Gold Beach Rotary club wired the deposit to Rashed Anaba who then delivered the money to Robert Atule of Araco construction.  The project was ready to begin.

Drilling began on Tuesday April 24th.  It takes only about half a day to build the shaft.

The Blue pipe is the borehole shaft into the ground.  This is the beginning of the Apron.

The concrete will be poured and the Apron will be dry in three days.  After the concrete is dry the final step is to install the pump.  A borehole can be built in as little as one week and for only $12,000 Ghana Cedis.  We will visit Shiega and celebrate the new borehole this December 2012. This Ghana tour will also fund another borehole project this time for a village named Sherigu Nyokoko which lies about 20 km north and then 8 km east of Bolgatanga off the main road towards Burkina Faso.

The finished borehole June 2012.  This is our fifth successful clean water project in Ghana that was partially funded by our last Ghana tour and with the help of the Rotary club of Forest Grove.
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