November 2008

We met Anateem in the Sumborungo district approximately 15 kilometers north west of Bolgatanga off the main road to Burkina Faso in 2008 and determined the village was in extreme need of a clean water project.  The video above shows our first meeting and the local water hole shared by animals and humans.  The community is accessed first by driving off the main road on a dirt track and then walking in on a bush trail.  The nearest borehole is on the other side of the main highway about 3 kilometers away. 

On our expeditions we meet, get to know and spend time with the communities that we are aiding with our clean water projects.  It is a unique travel experience.

A clean water volunteer receives a gift.  Live guinea fowl and chickens are a regular gift from the needy communities that are receiving clean water.

Since 2006 we have known a BBQ gentleman who works at the Sand Gardens Hotel in Bolgatanga.  He takes care of our birds and prepares them for us at night.

We do not stay at the Sand Gardens hotel while in Bolgatanga as we choose to stay at the business class Encom.  We do however choose to enjoy most of our dinners at the Sand Gardens.  The courtyard is lovely sitting under a mango tree looking at the stars and enjoying some fresh BBQ Guinea Fowl.

November 2011

We returned to Anateen three years later in 2011 on our Africa tour.  Our clean water expedition funded the construction of the new borehole for this community and we were able to watch the construction.  This is a four minute video showing our borehole for Anateen being drilled.  Each year we will organize our tours to coincide with the construction of the borehole that the tour is funding.  Come with us in 2012.

Our clean water volunteers arrive with Mosquito nets and life straws for the village. We had to park the bus on the road and walk in the final 2 kilometers on a bush trail.

The drilling rigs arrive on site and drive past the water source the village has had to rely on for years.

  Our clean water volunteers watch as the drill penetrates the earth and we all realize that we are about to witness the gift of clean water.

Clean water volunteers in Ghana 2011.  Be a part of the project in 2012

Images of Sumborungo Anateem taken by Rashed Anaba April, 2012

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