Tafi Abuipe
This village is east of lake Volta near Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary and the Avatime hills. 

Weavers work outside their homes

This video is from our first visit in 2008.

Thread is first placed on a spool

Tafi Abuipe Kente Cloth weaving village is a stop on our Ghana tour this December 2012.

Ewe Kente cloth in Tafi Abuipe

How to visit
Tafi Abuipe is a relatively new eco tourism site that benefits the community.  If you are staying at Tafi Atome for two nights then Tafi Abuipe is a great way to spend the day as your monkey tour will be in the morning. It is also a good 'last stop' before heading towards Kpandu port and taking off across lake Volta on a small local ferry towards the Afram planes.

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