Tafi Atome is a typical village in the Eastern region near Lake Volta.  It is surrounded by lush jungle where the tours to see the monkeys are located.

"Main street" in town.  To visit Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary it is advised to stay the night.  Meals are had at the cooks house.  The tours are in the early morning hours when the monkeys are most active.

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary was created in 1993 under the guidence of the Peace Corps and is an example of a multi-faceted community-based ecotourism project.  The Mona monkeys are protected here and form the base of the tour while visiting the village.

At night cultural opportunities include storytelling, Drumming and dancing and just hanging out with the village.  Our Ghana tour this year does not visit the Sanctuary, we do however visit Baobeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary which is a very similar project and also has a population of Colobus monkeys.
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