Techiman is located 120 km north of Kumasi.  It is a good place to stop on your way north, or south and is also a good place to stay to visit the sustainable tourism project of Baobeng-Fiema monkey sanctuary.

Just off the main road this is what the town looks like.  The people are very friendly going about their daily lives of cooking and gathering water.

An 'urban' water source.  This town has a central water system.  A very different lifestyle compared to the rural communities in the upper east region where our water projects are located.


Before the Encom hotel was opened options for lodging in Techiman were basic at best receiving less then popular reviews from most travelers.  Fine if you are accustomed to backpacking in developing countries but for the business class traveler it was necessary to stay in Kumasi.  Today the Encom Hotel is a very good choice and the hotel has a restaurant that prepares tasty and fresh continental and Ghanaian dishes.  They do it fast too.  Our Ghana tour in December of 2012 will stay here to break up our journey across Ghana and also to visit the nearby Baobeng-Fiema monkey sanctuary.

'Main Street'  This road cuts through the country of Ghana and is the route we take on our annual Ghana Tour.  The town is not highly visited making it a very good choice to get out and explore the local streets, eateries and markets.

Oranges for sale at the local market

Most homes here are built with wood and the kitchens are all located outside.

My favorite towns are the ones that see few visitors as the traveler becomes the center of attention and soon you find yourself engaged in conversations or experiences that seem indescribable once you have returned home.
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